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A widget for drawing polylines or lines on an image. Each polyline is associated with a label and can include two or more vertices. A polyline can intersect itself and its starting and ending points can be placed anywhere on the image.

See an interactive example of an HTML template that uses this Crowd HTML Element in CodePen.

The following is an example of a Liquid template that uses the <crowd-polyline> element. Copy the following code and save it in a file with the extension .html. Open the file in any browser to preview and interact with this template. For more examples, see this GitHub repository.

<script src=""></script> <crowd-form> <crowd-polyline name="crowdPolyline" src="{{ task.input.taskObject | grant_read_access }}" header="Add header here to describe the task" labels="['car','pedestrian','street car']" > <full-instructions> <p>Read the task carefully and inspect the image.</p> <p>Choose the appropriate label that best suits the image.</p> <p>Draw a polyline around the boundaries of all objects that the label applies to.</p> <p>Use the <b>Enter</b> key to complete a polyline.</p> <p>Make sure that the polyline fits tightly around the boundary of the object.</p> </full-instructions> <short-instructions> <p>Read the task carefully and inspect the image.</p> <p>Review the tool guide to learn how to use the polyline tool.</p> <p>Choose the appropriate label that best suits the image.</p> <p>To draw a polyline, select a label that applies to an object of interest and add a single point to the photo by clicking on that point. Continue to draw the polyline around the object by adding additional points around the object boundary.</p> <p>After you place the final point on the polyline, press <b>Enter</b> on your keyboard to complete the polyline.</p> </short-instructions> </crowd-polyline> </crowd-form>


The following attributes are supported by this element.


Optional. The text to display above the image. This is typically a question or simple instruction for the worker.


Optional. An array of JSON objects, each of which sets a polyline when the component is loaded. Each JSON object in the array contains the following properties:

  • label – The text assigned to the polyline as part of the labeling task. This text must match one of the labels defined in the labels attribute of the <crowd-polyline> element.

  • vertices – the x and y pixel corrdinates of the vertices of a polyline, relative to the top-left corner of the image.

initial-value= "{ polylines: [ { label: 'sideline', // label of this line annotation vertices:[ // an array of vertices which decide the position of the line { x: 84, y: 110 }, { x: 60, y: 100 } ] }, { label: 'yardline', vertices:[ { x: 651, y: 498 }, { x: 862, y: 869 }, { x: 1000, y: 869 } ] } ] }"

Polylines set via the initial-value property can be adjusted. Whether or not a worker answer was adjusted is tracked via an initialValueModified boolean in the worker answer output.


Required. A JSON formatted array of strings, each of which is a label that a worker can assign to the line.

Limit: 10 labels


Optional. An array of strings. Each string is a hexadecimal (hex) code for a label.


Required. The name of this widget. It's used as a key for the widget's input in the form output.


Required. The URL of the image on which to draw polylines.


The following regions are required by this element.


General instructions about how to draw polylines.


Important task-specific instructions that are displayed in a prominent place.

Element Hierarchy

This element has the following parent and child elements.



A JSON object that specifies the dimensions of the image that is being annotated by the worker. This object contains the following properties.

  • height – The height, in pixels, of the image.

  • width – The width, in pixels, of the image.


A JSON Array containing objects with polylines' labels and vertices.

  • label – The label given to a line.

  • vertices – the x and y pixel corrdinates of the vertices of a polyline, relative to the top-left corner of the image.

Example : Sample Element Outputs

The following is an example of output from this element.

{ "crowdPolyline": { //This is the name you set for the crowd-polyline "inputImageProperties": { "height": 1254, "width": 2048 }, "polylines": [ { "label": "sideline", "vertices": [ { "x": 651, "y": 498 }, { "x": 862, "y": 869 }, { "x": 1449, "y": 611 } ] }, { "label": "yardline", "vertices": [ { "x": 1148, "y": 322 }, { "x": 1705, "y": 474 }, , { "x": 1755, "y": 474 } ] } ] } }

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