Post upload processing - AWS Transfer Family

Post upload processing

You can view post upload processing information including Amazon S3 object metadata and event notifications.

S3 object metadata

As a part of your object's metadata you will see a key called x-amz-meta-user-agent whose value is AWSTransfer and x-amz-meta-user-agent-id whose value is username@server-id. The username is the Transfer Family user who uploaded the file and server-id is the server used for the upload. This information can be accessed using the HeadObject operation on the S3 object inside your Lambda function.

S3 event notifications

When an object is uploaded to your S3 bucket using Transfer Family, RoleSessionName is contained in principalId in the S3 event notification structure as [AWS:Role Unique Identifier]:username.sessionid@server-id.

For more information about configuring S3 event notifications, see Configuring Amazon S3 event notifications in the Amazon Simple Storage Service Developer Guide. For more information about AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role unique identifiers, see Unique identifiers in the AWS Identity and Access Management User Guide.