AWS Identity and Access Management
User Guide

Sample Applications That Use Temporary Credentials

To see how you can use AWS STS to manage temporary security credentials, you can download the following sample applications that implement complete example scenarios:

Samples for Web Identity Federation

The following sample applications illustrate various ways to use web identity federation, which lets you trade authentication from a known identity provider like Login with Amazon, Amazon Cognito, Facebook, or Google for temporary AWS security credentials that your app can use to access AWS services.


As an alternative to the approaches that are illustrated in the following samples, we recommend you use Amazon Cognito with the AWS SDKs for mobile development. Amazon Cognito is the simplest way to manage identity for mobile apps, and it provides additional features like synchronization and cross-device identity. For more information about Amazon Cognito, see Amazon Cognito Identity in the AWS Mobile SDK for Android Developer Guide and Authenticate Users with Amazon Cognito Identity in the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS Developer Guide.