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Tag Editor now supports exporting query results to a CSV

You can export the results of a query on the Find Resources to tag page to a CSV-formatted file. A new Region column is shown in Tag Editor query results. Tag Editor now lets you search for resources that have empty values for a specific tag key. Tag key values auto-complete as you type a unique value among existing keys.

April 2, 2019

Tag Editor now supports adding all resource types to a query

You can apply tags to up to 20 individual resource types in a single operation, or you can choose All resource types to query all resource types in a region. Autocompletion has been added to the Tag key field of a query to help enable consistent tag keys among resources. If tag changes fail on some resources, you can retry tag changes on just resources for which tag changes failed.

March 19, 2019

Tag Editor now supports multiple resource types in a search

You can apply tags to up to 20 resource types in a single operation. You can also choose the columns that are shown to you in search results, including columns for each unique tag key found in your search results or selected resources from results.

February 26, 2019

Documentation added for new Tag Editor

The "Working with Tag Editor" section describes how to use the new AWS Tag Editor console experience.

February 13, 2019

New resource types supported for groups in Resource Groups

Added new resource types that are now supported in Resource Groups.

February 4, 2019

Improved user experience for adding tags to tag-based Resource Groups queries

Minor changes to the console user experience for addition of tags in a tag-based query.

December 17, 2018

AWS CloudFormation stack-based query support added to Resource Groups

You can create resource groups where the query is based on an AWS CloudFormation stack. After you choose a stack, you can choose which resource types from the stack you want to appear in your group's query.

November 13, 2018

Resource Groups and CloudTrail

Resource Groups now offers AWS CloudTrail support. You can view and work with logs of all Resource Groups API calls in CloudTrail.

June 29, 2018

  • API version: 2017-11-27

  • Latest documentation update: April 16, 2019

Earlier Updates

The following table describes important changes in each release of the AWS Resource Groups User Guide before June 2018.

Change Description Date
Initial release Initial release of the next generation of AWS Resource Groups November 29, 2017

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