Listing resources - AWS CloudFormation

Listing resources

Immediately after you run the aws cloudformation create-stack command, you can list its resources using the aws cloudformation list-stack-resources command. This command lists a summary of each resource in the stack that you specify with the --stack-name parameter. The report includes a summary of the stack, including the creation or deletion status.

The following example shows the resources for the myteststack stack:

$ aws cloudformation list-stack-resources --stack-name myteststack { "StackResourceSummaries": [ { "ResourceStatus": "CREATE_COMPLETE", "ResourceType": "AWS::S3::Bucket", "ResourceStatusReason": null, "LastUpdatedTimestamp": "2013-08-23T01:02:28.025Z", "PhysicalResourceId": "myteststack-s3bucket-sample", "LogicalResourceId": "S3Bucket" } ] }

AWS CloudFormation reports resource details on any running or deleted stack. If you specify the name of a stack whose status is CREATE_IN_PROCESS, AWS CloudFormation reports only those resources whose status is CREATE_COMPLETE.


The aws cloudformation describe-stack-resources command returns information on deleted stacks for 90 days after they have been deleted.