AWS services that publish logs to CloudWatch Logs - Amazon CloudWatch Logs

AWS services that publish logs to CloudWatch Logs

The following AWS services publish logs to CloudWatch Logs. For information about the logs that these services send, see the linked documentation.

Service Documentation

Amazon API Gateway

Setting Up CloudWatch API Logging in API Gateway

Amazon Aurora MySQL

Publishing Amazon Aurora MySQL Logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs

Amazon Chime

CloudWatch Logs for Amazon Chime


Monitoring AWS CloudHSM Audit Logs in Amazon CloudWatch Logs

AWS CloudTrail

Monitoring CloudTrail Log Files with Amazon CloudWatch Logs

AWS CodeBuild

Step 8: View detailed build information

Amazon Cognito

Creating the CloudWatch Logs IAM Role

Amazon Connect

Logging and Monitoring Amazon Connect

AWS DataSync

Allowing DataSync to Upload Logs to Amazon CloudWatch Log Groups

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Using Elastic Beanstalk with Amazon CloudWatch Logs

Amazon Elastic Container Service

Using CloudWatch Logs with Container Instances

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Amazon Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service Control Plane Logging

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Log delivery

AWS Fargate

Using the awslogs Log Driver

AWS Glue

Continuous Logging for AWS Glue Jobs


Monitoring with CloudWatch Logs

AWS Lambda

Accessing Amazon CloudWatch Logs for AWS Lambda

Amazon Macie

Monitoring sensitive data discovery jobs with Amazon CloudWatch Logs

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka


Amazon MQ

Configuring Amazon MQ to Publish General and Audit Logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs

AWS Network Firewall

Logging network traffic from AWS Network Firewall

AWS OpsWorks

Using Amazon CloudWatch Logs with AWS OpsWorks Stacks

Amazon Relational Database Service

Publishing PostgreSQL Logs to CloudWatch Logs

AWS Robomaker

AWS RoboMaker’s CloudWatch ROS nodes with offline support

Amazon Route 53

Logging and Monitoring in Amazon Route 53

Amazon SageMaker

Log Amazon SageMaker Events with Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon Simple Notification Service

Viewing CloudWatch Logs

AWS Step Functions

Logging using CloudWatch Logs

AWS Storage Gateway

Monitoring your file gateway

Amazon VPC

VPC Flow Logs