Service Meshes - AWS App Mesh

Service Meshes

A service mesh is a logical boundary for network traffic between the services that reside within it. After you create your service mesh, you can create virtual services, virtual nodes, virtual routers, and routes to distribute traffic between the applications in your mesh.

Creating a service mesh


When creating a Mesh, you must add a namespace selector. If the namespace selector is empty, it selects all namespaces. To restrict the namespaces, use a label to associate AppMesh resources to the created mesh.

To create a service mesh using the AWS CLI version 1.18.116 or higher, see the example in the AWS CLI reference for the create-mesh command.

To create a service mesh using the AWS Management Console

  1. Open the App Mesh console at

  2. Choose Create mesh.

  3. For Mesh name, specify a name for your service mesh.

  4. (Optional) Choose Allow external traffic. By default, proxies in the mesh will only forward traffic between each other. If you allow external traffic, the proxies in the mesh will also forward TCP traffic directly to services that aren't deployed with a proxy that is defined in the mesh.

  5. Choose Create mesh to finish.

  6. (Optional) Share the mesh with other accounts. A shared mesh allows resources created by different accounts to communicate with each other in the same mesh. For more information, see Working with shared meshes.