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[ aws . s3api ]



uses the acl subresource to set the access control list (ACL) permissions for an object that already exists in a bucket

See also: AWS API Documentation

See 'aws help' for descriptions of global parameters.


[--acl <value>]
[--access-control-policy <value>]
--bucket <value>
[--content-md5 <value>]
[--grant-full-control <value>]
[--grant-read <value>]
[--grant-read-acp <value>]
[--grant-write <value>]
[--grant-write-acp <value>]
--key <value>
[--request-payer <value>]
[--version-id <value>]
[--cli-input-json <value>]
[--generate-cli-skeleton <value>]


--acl (string)

The canned ACL to apply to the object.

Possible values:

  • private
  • public-read
  • public-read-write
  • authenticated-read
  • aws-exec-read
  • bucket-owner-read
  • bucket-owner-full-control

--access-control-policy (structure)

Contains the elements that set the ACL permissions for an object per grantee.

JSON Syntax:

  "Grants": [
      "Grantee": {
        "DisplayName": "string",
        "EmailAddress": "string",
        "ID": "string",
        "Type": "CanonicalUser"|"AmazonCustomerByEmail"|"Group",
        "URI": "string"
      "Permission": "FULL_CONTROL"|"WRITE"|"WRITE_ACP"|"READ"|"READ_ACP"
  "Owner": {
    "DisplayName": "string",
    "ID": "string"

--bucket (string)

--content-md5 (string)

--grant-full-control (string)

Allows grantee the read, write, read ACP, and write ACP permissions on the bucket.

--grant-read (string)

Allows grantee to list the objects in the bucket.

--grant-read-acp (string)

Allows grantee to read the bucket ACL.

--grant-write (string)

Allows grantee to create, overwrite, and delete any object in the bucket.

--grant-write-acp (string)

Allows grantee to write the ACL for the applicable bucket.

--key (string)

--request-payer (string)

Confirms that the requester knows that she or he will be charged for the request. Bucket owners need not specify this parameter in their requests. Documentation on downloading objects from requester pays buckets can be found at

Possible values:

  • requester

--version-id (string)

VersionId used to reference a specific version of the object.

--cli-input-json (string) Performs service operation based on the JSON string provided. The JSON string follows the format provided by --generate-cli-skeleton. If other arguments are provided on the command line, the CLI values will override the JSON-provided values. It is not possible to pass arbitrary binary values using a JSON-provided value as the string will be taken literally.

--generate-cli-skeleton (string) Prints a JSON skeleton to standard output without sending an API request. If provided with no value or the value input, prints a sample input JSON that can be used as an argument for --cli-input-json. If provided with the value output, it validates the command inputs and returns a sample output JSON for that command.

See 'aws help' for descriptions of global parameters.


The following command grants full control to two AWS users ( and and read permission to everyone:

aws s3api put-object-acl --bucket MyBucket --key file.txt --grant-full-control, --grant-read uri=

See for details on custom ACLs (the s3api ACL commands, such as put-object-acl, use the same shorthand argument notation).


RequestCharged -> (string)

If present, indicates that the requester was successfully charged for the request.