Conformance Pack Sample Templates - AWS Config

Conformance Pack Sample Templates

Here are the conformance pack YAML templates that you see in AWS Config console. Within each conformance pack template, you can use one or more AWS Config rules and remediation actions. The AWS Config rules listed within the conformance pack can be AWS Config managed rules and/or AWS Config custom rules. You can download all the conformance pack templates from GitHub.


Conformance packs provide a general-purpose compliance framework to help you create security, operational or cost-optimization governance checks using managed or custom AWS Config rules and AWS Config remediation actions. AWS conformance pack sample templates intend to help you create your own conformance packs with different or additional rules, input parameters and remediation actions that suit your environment. The sample templates, including those related to compliance standards and industry benchmarks, are not designed to ensure your compliance with a specific governance standard. They can neither replace your internal efforts nor guarantee that you will pass a compliance assessment.


It is recommended that you review the rules available in the region where you deploy a conformance pack (List of AWS Config Managed Rules by Region Availability) and amend the template for rules not yet available in that region before deploying.


For more information about template structure, see Template Anatomy in the AWS CloudFormation User Guide.