Assign security profile permissions for evaluation forms - Amazon Connect

Assign security profile permissions for evaluation forms

To allow users to create, automate, and access evaluation forms, assign the following Analytics and optimization security profile permissions:

  • Evaluation forms - perform evaluations: Allows a user, such as a Quality Assurance team member, to use an evaluation form to review a contact. For an example image, see Evaluate agent performance. Also allows them to search evaluations by evaluation form, score, last updated date/range, evaluator, and status.

  • Evaluation forms - manage form definitions: Allows admins and managers to create and manage evaluation forms.

  • Rules: Permissions to create, view, edit, and delete rules are required to automatically categorize contacts based on certain agent behaviors and customer outcomes. These contact categories can be used to configure automation on evaluation forms. In addition, rules permissions are needed to create a rule to submit automated evaluations.

The Admin security profile has these permissions by default.

For information about how to add more permissions to an existing security profile, see Update security profiles.