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Amazon Pinpoint analytics

Using the analytics that Amazon Pinpoint provides, you can gain insight into your user base by viewing trends related to user engagement, campaign outreach, revenue, and more.

As users interact with your project, Amazon Pinpoint collects and stores analytics data for these interactions. You can view that data to learn about areas such as your users' level of engagement, purchase activity, and demographics. For example, if you have a mobile app, you can view charts and metrics that show how many users open your app each day, when users open your app, and the revenue that's generated by your app.

By viewing charts about device attributes, you can also learn which platforms and devices your app is installed on. To report these and other metrics for a mobile app, your app must be integrated with Amazon Pinpoint through one of the supported AWS Mobile SDKs. For more information, see Integrating Amazon Pinpoint with your app in the Amazon Pinpoint Developer Guide.

You can also monitor campaign analytics to see how your campaigns are performing in aggregate, as well as individually. For example, you can follow the total number of messages or push notifications that were sent, the percentage of messages or push notifications that users opened, opt-out rates, and other information. If you create a campaign that includes an A/B test, you can also use analytics to compare the effectiveness of the campaign treatments. For example, you can assess whether users are more likely to open your mobile app because they received a certain variation of a campaign message.

To analyze how many users are completing each step in a conversion process, such as purchasing an item or upgrading your app, you can create and monitor funnels.

To analyze or store analytics data outside Amazon Pinpoint, you can configure Amazon Pinpoint to stream the data to Amazon Kinesis or stream the data to Amazon Athena.