Audience - Amazon QuickSight


Use this to understand the context of the information provided in this section, and how it applies to your role. How you use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) differs, depending on the work you do in Amazon QuickSight.

Service user – If you use Amazon QuickSight to interact with data, analyses, and dashboards through the Amazon QuickSight by using the browser interface, then this section only provides informational background for you. You won't directly interact with the IAM service, except if you are using IAM to sign into Amazon QuickSight.

Amazon QuickSight administrator – If you're in charge of Amazon QuickSight resources at your company, you probably have full access to Amazon QuickSight. It's your job to determine which Amazon QuickSight features and resources your team members should access. If you have specialized requirements that you can't solve by using the Amazon QuickSight admin panel, then you can work with your IAM administrator to create permissions policies for your Amazon QuickSight users. If you want to learn more about IAM, you can review the information on this page to understand the basic concepts of IAM. To learn more about how your company can use IAM with Amazon QuickSight, see Using Amazon QuickSight with IAM.

IAM administrator – If you're an IAM administrator, you might want to learn details about how you can write policies to manage access to Amazon QuickSight. To view example Amazon QuickSight identity-based policies that you can use in IAM, see IAM Identity-Based Policies for Amazon QuickSight.