Amazon SageMaker Notebook Instances - Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker Notebook Instances

An Amazon SageMaker notebook instance is a machine learning (ML) compute instance running the Jupyter Notebook application. SageMaker creates the instance and related resources. Use Jupyter notebooks in your notebook instance to:

  • prepare and process data

  • write code to train models

  • deploy models to SageMaker hosting

  • test or validate your models

SageMaker also provides sample notebooks that contain complete code examples. These examples show how to use SageMaker to do common ML tasks. For more information, see Example Notebooks.

For information about pricing with Amazon SageMaker notebook instance, see Amazon SageMaker Pricing.


SageMaker updates the underlying software for Amazon SageMaker Notebook Instances at least once every 90 days. Some maintenance updates, such as operating system upgrades, may require your application to be taken offline for a short period of time. It is not possible to perform any operations during this period while the underlying software is being updated. We recommend that you restart your notebooks at least once every 30 days to automatically consume patches.

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