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Amazon S3 access points

The Amazon S3 service provides access points as an alternative way to interact with Amazon S3 buckets. Access points have unique policies and configurations that can be applied to them instead of directly to the bucket. With AWS SDKs, you can use access point Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) in the bucket field for API operations instead of specifying the bucket name explicitly. They are used for specific operations such as using an access point ARN with GetObject to fetch an object from a bucket, or using an access point ARN with PutObject to add an object to a bucket.

To learn more about Amazon S3 access points and ARNs, see Using access points in the Amazon S3 User Guide.

Configure this functionality by using the following:

s3_use_arn_region - shared AWS config file setting
AWS_S3_USE_ARN_REGION - environment variable
To configure value directly in code, consult your specific SDK directly.

This setting controls whether the SDK uses the access point ARN AWS Region to construct the Regional endpoint for the request. The SDK validates that the ARN AWS Region is served by the same AWS partition as the client's configured AWS Region to prevent cross-partition calls that most likely will fail. If multiply defined, the code-configured setting takes precedence, followed by the environment variable setting.

Default value: false

Valid values:

  • true – The SDK uses the ARN's AWS Region when constructing the endpoint instead of the client's configured AWS Region. Exception: If the client's configured AWS Region is a FIPS AWS Region, then it must match the ARN's AWS Region. Otherwise, an error will result.

  • false – The SDK uses the client's configured AWS Region when constructing the endpoint.

Compatibility with AWS SDKS

The following SDKs support the features and settings described on this page, any partial exceptions are noted: