Call DynamoDB APIs with Step Functions - AWS Step Functions

Call DynamoDB APIs with Step Functions

Step Functions can control certain AWS services directly from the Amazon States Language (ASL). For more information about working with AWS Step Functions and its integrations, see the following:


There is a quota for the maximum input or result data size for a task in Step Functions. This restricts you to 256 KB of data as a UTF-8 encoded string when you send to, or receive data from, another service. See Quotas related to state machine executions.

How the optimized DynamoDB integration is different than the DynamoDB AWS SDK integration

Supported Amazon DynamoDB APIs and syntax:

The following is a Task state that retrieves a message from DynamoDB.

"Read Next Message from DynamoDB": { "Type": "Task", "Resource": "arn:aws:states:::dynamodb:getItem", "Parameters": { "TableName": "TransferDataRecords-DDBTable-3I41R5L5EAGT", "Key": { "MessageId": {"S.$": "$.List[0]"} } }, "ResultPath": "$.DynamoDB", "Next": "Send Message to SQS" },

To see this state in a working example, see the Transfer data records (Lambda, DynamoDB, Amazon SQS) sample project.

For information about how to configure IAM permissions when using Step Functions with other AWS services, see IAM Policies for integrated services.