Document History for AWS Amplify - AWS Amplify

Document History for AWS Amplify

The following table describes the important changes to the documentation since the last release of AWS Amplify.

  • Latest documentation update: June 20, 2020

Change Description Date
New auto subdomains feature launch Added the Set up automatic subdomains for a Route 53 custom domain topic to describe how to use pattern-based feature branch deployments for an app connected to an Amazon Route 53 custom domain. Added the Web preview access with subdomains topic to describe how to set up web previews from pull request to be accessible with subdomains. June 20, 2020
New notifications topic Added the Notifications topic to describe how to set up email notifications for an Amplify app to alert stakeholders or team members when a build succeeds or fails. June 20, 2020
Updated the custom domains topic Updated the Set up custom domains topic to improve the procedures for adding custom domains in Amazon Route 53, GoDaddy, and Google Domains. This update also includes new troubleshooting information for setting up custom domains. May 12, 2020
AWS Amplify release This release introduces the Amplify Console. November 26, 2018