Create a queue - Amazon Connect

Create a queue

This topic explains how to create a queue using the Amazon Connect console. To create queues programmatically, see the create-queue AWS CLI or CreateQueue in the Amazon Connect API Reference.

How many queues can I create? To view your quota of Queues per instance, open the Service Quotas console at

To create a queue
  1. Log in to the Amazon Connect admin website at https://instance Use an Admin account, or an account that has Routing - Create queues security profile permissions.

  2. In Amazon Connect, on the navigation menu, choose Routing, Queues, Add new queue.

  3. Add the appropriate information about your queue and choose Add new queue.

    See the following topics for detailed information about each of the above areas:

    The queue is automatically active.

  4. Assign the queue to a routing profile; for information, see Create a routing profile. The routing profile links the queue and agents together.

  5. Add Tags to identify, organize, search for, filter and control who can access this queue. For more information, see Tag resources in Amazon Connect.

To learn how queues work, see Concepts: Routing profiles and Concepts: Queue-based routing.