AWS Glue
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Document History for AWS Glue

The following table describes important changes to the documentation for AWS Glue.

  • Latest API version: 2018-04-10

  • Latest documentation update: April 10, 2018

Change Description Date
Support timeout of jobs. Added information about setting a timeout threshold when a job runs. April 10, 2018
Support Scala ETL script and trigger jobs based on additional run states. Added information about using Scala as the ETL programming language. In addition, the trigger API now supports firing when any conditions are met (in addition to all conditions). Also, jobs can be triggered based on a "failed" or "stopped" job run (in addition to a "succeeded" job run). January 12, 2018
Support XML data sources and new crawler configuration option. Added information about classifying XML data sources and new crawler option for partition changes. November 16, 2017
New transforms, support for additional Amazon RDS database engines, and development endpoint enhancements Added information about the map and filter transforms, support for Amazon RDS Microsoft SQL Server and Amazon RDS Oracle, and new features for development endpoints. September 29, 2017
AWS Glue initial release This is the initial release of the AWS Glue Developer Guide. August 14, 2017