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Document history

The following table describes the major updates and new features for the AWS ParallelCluster User Guide. We also update the documentation frequently to address the feedback that you send us.




AWS ParallelCluster 2.8.1 released.

AWS ParallelCluster 2.8.1 released. Changes include:

  • Disable screen lock for NICE DCV sessions to prevent users from being locked out.

  • Fix pcluster configure when including an AWS Graviton-based instance type.

4 August 2020

AWS ParallelCluster 2.8.0 released.

AWS ParallelCluster 2.8.0 released. Changes include:

  • Added support for AWS Graviton-based instances (like the A1 and C6g).

  • Added support for the automatic daily backup features of Amazon FSx for Lustre. For more information, see automatic_backup_retention_days, copy_tags_to_backups, daily_automatic_backup_start_time, and fsx_backup_id.

  • Removed dependency on Berkshelf from pcluster createami.

  • Improved the robustness and user experience of pcluster update. For more information, see Using pcluster update.

  • Elastic Fabric Adapter installer updated to 1.9.4:

    • Kernel module: efa-1.6.0 (updated from efa-1.5.1)

    • RDMA core: rdma-core-28.amzn0 (updated from rdma-core-25.0)

    • Libfabric: libfabric-1.10.1amzn1.1 (updated from libfabric-aws-1.9.0amzn1.1)

    • Open MPI: openmpi40-aws-4.0.3 (no change)

  • Upgrade NVIDIA driver to Tesla version 440.95.01 on CentOS 6 and version 450.51.05 on all other distributions.

  • Upgrade CUDA library to version 11.0 on all distributions other than CentOS 6.

For more details of the changes, see the CHANGELOG files for the aws-parallelcluster, aws-parallelcluster-cookbook, and aws-parallelcluster-node packages on GitHub.

23 July 2020

AWS ParallelCluster 2.7.0 released.

AWS ParallelCluster 2.7.0 released. Changes include:

19 May 2020

AWS ParallelCluster 2.6.1 released.

AWS ParallelCluster 2.6.1 released. Changes include:

17 April 2020

AWS ParallelCluster 2.6.0 released.

AWS ParallelCluster 2.6.0 released. New features include:

  • Added support for Amazon Linux 2.

  • Now Amazon CloudWatch Logs is used to collect cluster and scheduler logs. For more information, see Integration with Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

  • Added support for new Amazon FSx for Lustre deployment types SCRATCH_2 and PERSISTENT_1. Support for Amazon FSx for Lustre on Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 16.04. For more information, see fsx.

  • Added support for NICE DCV on Ubuntu 18.04. For more information, see Connect to the master instance through NICE DCV.

27 February 2020

AWS ParallelCluster 2.5.1 released.

AWS ParallelCluster 2.5.1 updates several drivers and fixes some issues. For more details, see AWS ParallelCluster 2.5.1.

13 December 2019

AWS ParallelCluster 2.5.0 released.

AWS ParallelCluster 2.5.0 introduces support for Ubuntu 18.04, scheduling with GPU options in Slurm, and NICE DCV on CentOS 7. For more details on the other changes made for AWS ParallelCluster 2.5.0, see AWS ParallelCluster 2.5.0.

18 November 2019

AWS ParallelCluster introduces support for Intel MPI.

AWS ParallelCluster 2.4.1 introduces support for Intel MPI. For more information, see Enable Intel MPI. For more details on the other changes made for AWS ParallelCluster 2.4.1, see AWS ParallelCluster 2.4.1.

29 July 2019

AWS ParallelCluster introduces support for EFA.

AWS ParallelCluster 2.4.0 introduces support for EFA. For more information, see Elastic Fabric Adapter. For more details on the other changes made for AWS ParallelCluster 2.4.0, see AWS ParallelCluster 2.4.0.

11 June 2019

AWS ParallelCluster documentation initial release on AWS Documentation website.

The AWS ParallelCluster documentation is now available in 10 languages and in both HTML and PDF formats.

11 June 2019