Amazon Chime
Administration Guide

Document History for Amazon Chime

The following table describes the documentation for this release of Amazon Chime.

  • Latest documentation update: April 23, 2018

Change Description Date
Receive attachments uploaded into Amazon Chime by users Request User Attachments April 23, 2018
View additional report data View Reports March 30, 2018
Assign users Pro or Basic permissions Manage User Access and Permissions March 29, 2018
Various IAM updates Control Access to the Amazon Chime Console January 22, 2018
View report data about users View Reports January 16, 2018
Reorganization of content Structural changes throughout December 15, 2017
Log Amazon Chime administration calls from the console with AWS CloudTrail Log Amazon Chime Administration Calls with AWS CloudTrail September 27, 2017
Configure Amazon Chime to interact with your Active Directory Connect to Your Active Directory May 5, 2017
Initial release Initial release February 14, 2017