Amazon Chime
Administration Guide

View Reports

To make more informed decisions and increase productivity for your organization, you can access usage and feedback data directly from the console. Report data is updated daily, though there may be a delay of up to 48 hours.

To view usage and feedback reports

  1. Open the Amazon Chime console at

  2. Choose Reports, Dashboard.

  3. On the Usage and feedback report page, view the following data:

    • Week of (Monday to Sunday) – The date range of the report.

    • Registered users – The number of users that have signed up for Amazon Chime.

    • Active users – The number of users who have either attended a meeting or sent a message with Amazon Chime.

    • Meetings held – The total number of meetings that have occurred.

    • Meeting satisfaction – The percentage of positive responses given to the end-of-meeting survey.