AWS Device Farm
Developer Guide (API Version 2015-06-23)

Working with Direct Device Access in AWS Device Farm

Direct device access is a Device Farm feature that allows you to:

  • Run and debug Android and iOS apps from your preferred IDE, such as Xcode or Android Studio, on remote devices.

  • Run test automation, using the framework of your choice, against multiple private Android and iOS remote devices concurrently.

With direct device access, your Device Farm private devices are accessible using platform tools (such as ADB for Android and instruments for iOS) on your local machine. The devices are visible to you as if they were connected directly to your computer.


Direct device access is only available for customers who have Device Farm private devices. A private device is a physical device that Device Farm deploys on your behalf in an Amazon data center. This device is exclusive to your account.

You interact with a specific device in real time by creating a remote debugging session with the device. The device is hosted in a Device Farm app window. The session displays the single device that you select when you start the session. One device can be hosted in each session. You can run multiple remote debugging sessions in parallel.

Only Device Farm private devices can be used for direct device access. For more information about using private devices, see Device Farm Pricing.

Device Farm direct device access supports any local test frameworks that you choose, and it supports most third-party test tools.


For security reasons, we recommend that you avoid providing or entering sensitive information such as account numbers, personal login information, and other details during a remote debugging session.