Getting Started - AWS Certificate Manager

Getting Started

Sign into the AWS Management Console and open the ACM console at If the introductory page appears, choose Get Started. Otherwise, choose Certificate Manager or Private CAs in the left navigation pane.

ACM supports SSL/TLS certificates that can be used to enable secure communication across the internet or over an internal network. You can request a publicly trusted certificate issued by ACM or import a certificate. Imported certificates can be issued by a third party and publicly trusted, or they can be self-signed. You can also use the ACM console to request that a private certificate be issued by a private certificate authority (CA) in your organization. Private certificates are not trusted by default. Administrators must install them in client trust stores.

This documentation primarily discusses public ACM and third party certificates. It also discusses how to issue a private certificate using an existing private CA. To learn more about creating and using a private CA, see AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority.