Creating pricing rules - AWS Billing Conductor

Creating pricing rules

You can create pricing rules in AWS Billing Conductor to customize your billing rates across your billing groups. Pricing rules can be global, service-specific, billing entity-specific, or SKU-specific in scope. You can use pricing rules to apply a discount or markup for each respective scope. Scopes don't overlap. Scopes are applied from most to least granular when pricing rules with different scopes are contained within a single pricing plan. For global pricing rules, you can also choose to deactivate or active Always Free Tier rates. Pricing rules with Always Free Tier deactivated defaults to the first paid tier for the usage type or operation. By default, a payer account in with admin permissions can create pricing rules. It takes up to 24 hours after you apply a pricing rule to a billing group to see the custom rates for your billing group reflected.

A single pricing plan can be applied to multiple billing groups.

Use the following steps to create a pricing rule.

To create a pricing rule
  1. Open AWS Billing Conductor at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Pricing configuration.

  3. Choose the Pricing rules tab.

  4. Choose Create pricing rules.

  5. For Pricing rule details, enter the name of the pricing rule. For naming restrictions, see Quotas and restrictions.

  6. (Optional) For Description, enter a description for the pricing rule.

  7. For Scope, choose Global, Service, Billing entity, or SKU.

    • Global - applies to all usage.

    • Service - only applies to a given service. When choosing service, choose a service code to configure the pricing rates for. When you choose a service, choose the service code from the Price List Query API that you want to adjust.

    • Billing entity - only applies to a given billing entity. A billing entity is the seller of services provided by AWS, their affiliates, or third-party providers selling services through AWS Marketplace.

    • SKU - only applies to the unique combination of service (product) code, usage type, and/or operation.

  8. For Type, choose Discount, Markup, or Tiering.


    Tiering is only available for global and service-scoped pricing rules.

  9. For Percentage, enter the percentage amount.

    If you enter 0 as the percentage, the pricing plan defaults to the AWS On-Demand rate. If you enter a decimal value, it will be rounded to the nearest 2 decimal places.

  10. For the Tiering type, you can check the box under Tiering configuration to deactivate Always Free Tier, or leave as activated. Always Free Tier will be activated unless it's explicitly deactivated.

  11. (Optional) To create another pricing rule in the same workflow, choose Add pricing rule.

  12. Choose Create pricing rule.

Pricing rule table

After you create a pricing rule, you can view the details of the pricing rule in a filterable table. You can filter by the following dimensions:

  • Pricing rule name

  • Scope

  • Type

  • Details

  • Rate