class aws_cdk.aws_codedeploy.EcsDeploymentGroup(*args: Any, **kwargs)

Bases: object

Note: This class currently stands as a namespaced container for importing an ECS Deployment Group defined outside the CDK app until CloudFormation supports provisioning ECS Deployment Groups.

Until then it is closed (private constructor) and does not extend {@link cdk.Construct}.



Static Methods

classmethod from_ecs_deployment_group_attributes(scope, id, *, application, deployment_group_name, deployment_config=None)

Import an ECS Deployment Group defined outside the CDK app.

  • scope (Construct) – the parent Construct for this new Construct.

  • id (str) – the logical ID of this new Construct.

  • application (IEcsApplication) – The reference to the CodeDeploy ECS Application that this Deployment Group belongs to.

  • deployment_group_name (str) – The physical, human-readable name of the CodeDeploy ECS Deployment Group that we are referencing.

  • deployment_config (Optional[IEcsDeploymentConfig]) – The Deployment Configuration this Deployment Group uses. Default: EcsDeploymentConfig.ALL_AT_ONCE

Return type:



a Construct representing a reference to an existing Deployment Group