class aws_cdk.aws_lambda_event_sources.StreamEventSource(*, bisect_batch_on_error=None, max_record_age=None, on_failure=None, parallelization_factor=None, report_batch_item_failures=None, retry_attempts=None, tumbling_window=None, starting_position, batch_size=None, enabled=None, max_batching_window=None)

Bases: object

Use an stream as an event source for AWS Lambda.

  • bisect_batch_on_error (Optional[bool]) – If the function returns an error, split the batch in two and retry. Default: false

  • max_record_age (Optional[Duration]) – The maximum age of a record that Lambda sends to a function for processing. Valid Range: - Minimum value of 60 seconds - Maximum value of 7 days Default: - the retention period configured on the stream

  • on_failure (Optional[IEventSourceDlq]) – An Amazon SQS queue or Amazon SNS topic destination for discarded records. Default: - discarded records are ignored

  • parallelization_factor (Union[int, float, None]) – The number of batches to process from each shard concurrently. Valid Range: - Minimum value of 1 - Maximum value of 10 Default: 1

  • report_batch_item_failures (Optional[bool]) – Allow functions to return partially successful responses for a batch of records. Default: false

  • retry_attempts (Union[int, float, None]) – Maximum number of retry attempts Valid Range: * Minimum value of 0 * Maximum value of 10000. Default: - retry until the record expires

  • tumbling_window (Optional[Duration]) – The size of the tumbling windows to group records sent to DynamoDB or Kinesis Valid Range: 0 - 15 minutes. Default: - None

  • starting_position (StartingPosition) – Where to begin consuming the stream.

  • batch_size (Union[int, float, None]) – The largest number of records that AWS Lambda will retrieve from your event source at the time of invoking your function. Your function receives an event with all the retrieved records. Valid Range: - Minimum value of 1 - Maximum value of: - 1000 for {@link DynamoEventSource} - 10000 for {@link KinesisEventSource}, {@link ManagedKafkaEventSource} and {@link SelfManagedKafkaEventSource} Default: 100

  • enabled (Optional[bool]) – If the stream event source mapping should be enabled. Default: true

  • max_batching_window (Optional[Duration]) – The maximum amount of time to gather records before invoking the function. Maximum of Duration.minutes(5) Default: Duration.seconds(0)


abstract bind(_target)

Called by lambda.addEventSource to allow the event source to bind to this function.


_target (IFunction) –

Return type: