class aws_cdk.aws_lambda_nodejs.SourceMapMode(value)

Bases: Enum

SourceMap mode for esbuild.





lambda_.NodejsFunction(self, "my-handler",
        minify=True,  # minify code, defaults to false
        source_map=True,  # include source map, defaults to false
        source_map_mode=lambda_.SourceMapMode.INLINE,  # defaults to SourceMapMode.DEFAULT
        sources_content=False,  # do not include original source into source map, defaults to true
        target="es2020",  # target environment for the generated JavaScript code
        loader={ # Use the 'dataurl' loader for '.png' files
            ".png": "dataurl"},
        define={ # Replace strings during build time
            "process.env.API_KEY": JSON.stringify("xxx-xxxx-xxx"),
            "process.env.PRODUCTION": JSON.stringify(True),
            "process.env.NUMBER": JSON.stringify(123)},
        log_level=lambda_.LogLevel.SILENT,  # defaults to LogLevel.WARNING
        keep_names=True,  # defaults to false
        tsconfig="custom-tsconfig.json",  # use custom-tsconfig.json instead of default,
        metafile=True,  # include meta file, defaults to false
        banner="/* comments */",  # requires esbuild >= 0.9.0, defaults to none
        footer="/* comments */",  # requires esbuild >= 0.9.0, defaults to none
        charset=lambda_.Charset.UTF8,  # do not escape non-ASCII characters, defaults to Charset.ASCII
        format=lambda_.OutputFormat.ESM,  # ECMAScript module output format, defaults to OutputFormat.CJS (OutputFormat.ESM requires Node.js 14.x)
        main_fields=["module", "main"],  # prefer ECMAScript versions of dependencies
        inject=["./my-shim.js", "./other-shim.js"],  # allows to automatically replace a global variable with an import from another file
        esbuild_args={ # Pass additional arguments to esbuild
            "--log-limit": "0",
            "--splitting": True}



Both sourceMap mode - If you want to have the effect of both inline and external simultaneously.


Default sourceMap mode - will generate a file alongside any generated .js file and add a special //# sourceMappingURL= comment to the bottom of the .js file pointing to the file.


External sourceMap mode - If you want to omit the special //# sourceMappingURL= comment from the generated .js file but you still want to generate the files.


Inline sourceMap mode - If you want to insert the entire source map into the .js file instead of generating a separate file.