Tag: security-context

Garbage collection prevention in multiprocessing

Passing a parent process object in a child process can prevent its garbage collection.

Integer overflow

An integer overflow might might cause security issues when it is used for resource management or execution control.

Mutually exclusive call

Calls to mutually exclusive methods were found in the code.

Time zone aware datetimes

Using naive datetime objects might cause time zone related issues.

Missing none check on response metadata

Response metadata was not checked to verify that it is not None.

Missing pagination

Missing pagination on a paginated call can lead to inaccurate results.

Semaphore overflow prevention

When you process and remove an item from the JoinableQueue without calling JoinableQueue.task_done(), a semaphore overflow exception might be thrown.

Deadlocks caused by improper multiprocessing API usage

Improper multiprocessing API usage with wrong parameters might lead to deadlocks.

Incorrect binding of SNS publish operations

Incorrect binding of SNS publish operations with the subscribe or create_topic operations might lead to latency issues.

AWS client not reused in a Lambda function

Recreating AWS clients in each Lambda function invocation is expensive.

Socket connection timeout

Not setting the connection timeout parameter can cause a blocking socket connection.

Leaky subprocess timeout

Failure to end a child process that doesn't terminate before its timeout expires can result in leaked resources.

Usage of an API that is not recommended

APIs that are not recommended were found.

Error prone sequence modification

Sequence modification while iterating over it might cause unexpected bugs.

Batch request with unchecked failures

Not checking which items have failed can lead to loss of data.

Override of reserved variable names in a Lambda function

Overriding environment variables that are reserved by AWS Lambda might lead to unexpected behavior.

Hardcoded IP address

Hardcoding an IP address can cause security problems.

Missing S3 bucket owner condition

Not setting the S3 bucket owner condition might introduce a risk of accidentally using a wrong bucket.