Use of an inefficient or incorrect API Low

If there are multiple APIs available to perform similar action, choose the most specialised and efficient one. This helps make your code more readable and easier to understand.

Detector ID
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Noncompliant example

1def compare_strings_noncompliant():
2    samplestring1 = "samplestring1"
3    samplestring2 = "samplestring"
4    # Noncompliant: uses find() but ignores the returned position
5    # when nonnegative.
6    if samplestring1.find(samplestring2) != -1:
7        print("String match found.")
8    else:
9        print("String match not found.")

Compliant example

1def compare_strings_compliant():
2    samplestring1 = "samplestring1"
3    samplestring2 = "samplestring"
4    # Compliant: uses the in operator to test for presence.
5    if samplestring1 in samplestring2:
6        print("String match found.")
7    else:
8        print("String match not found.")