Set Up AWS SSO for Use with Amazon SageMaker Domain - Amazon SageMaker

Set Up AWS SSO for Use with Amazon SageMaker Domain

To use AWS SSO authentication, you must belong to an AWS SSO organization. If you don't belong to an AWS SSO organization, you can create one with the following procedure.

To create an AWS SSO organization

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the AWS Single Sign-On console at

  2. Choose Enable AWS SSO, and then choose Create AWS organization.

    When your organization has been created, the AWS SSO dashboard opens. AWS also sends you email to verify the email address associated with the organization.

  3. To add a user to your AWS SSO organization, in the navigation pane, choose Users.

  4. On the Users page, choose Add user. Under User details, specify all required fields. For Password, choose Send an email to the user.

  5. Choose Next: Groups and then Add user. AWS sends an email to the user inviting them to create a password and activate their AWS SSO account.

  6. To add more users, repeat steps 4 through 6.

Return to the SageMaker Domain Control Panel to continue to onboard using AWS SSO authentication.