AWS Step Functions
Developer Guide

Manage Amazon SageMaker Training Jobs with Step Functions

Step Functions can control some AWS services directly from the Amazon States Language. For more information, see:

Supported Amazon SageMaker APIs and syntax:

The following includes a Task state that creates a Amazon SageMaker transform job, specifying the Amazon S3 location for DataSource and TransformOutput.

{ "SageMaker CreateTransformJob": { "Type": "Task", "Resource": "arn:aws:states:::sagemaker:createTransformJob.sync", "Parameters": { "ModelName": "SageMakerCreateTransformJobModel-9iFBKsYti9vr", "TransformInput": { "CompressionType": "None", "ContentType": "text/csv", "DataSource": { "S3DataSource": { "S3DataType": "S3Prefix", "S3Uri": "s3://my-s3bucket-example-1/TransformJobDataInput.txt" } } }, "TransformOutput": { "S3OutputPath": "s3://my-s3bucket-example-1/TransformJobOutputPath" }, "TransformResources": { "InstanceCount": 1, "InstanceType": "ml.m4.xlarge" }, "TransformJobName": "sfn-binary-classification-prediction" }, "Next": "ValidateOutput" },

For information on how to configure IAM when using Step Functions with other AWS services, see IAM Policies for Integrated Services.