Amazon Simple Storage Service
Console User Guide (API Version 2006-03-01)

Welcome to Amazon S3


This is the User Guide for the old Amazon S3 console. If you are looking for the User Guide for the new Amazon S3 console, see Welcome to the New Amazon S3 Console User Guide.  

This is the Amazon Simple Storage Service Console User Guide.

The Amazon S3 console is one of the interfaces available to help you work with Amazon S3. The console enables you to perform Amazon S3 tasks without writing any code. This section first introduces Amazon S3 resources and operations and then explains how the console is logically organized to support these operations. The section also introduces console-specific concepts such as folders, properties, and other features that help you easily upload files and folders, move objects around, and manage objects by creating folders. We recommend that you read the following sections:

For information on Amazon S3 features, pricing, and to see the FAQ, go to the Amazon S3 product page.