Quotas for AWS Fault Injection Simulator - AWS Fault Injection Simulator

Quotas for AWS Fault Injection Simulator

Your AWS account has default quotas, formerly referred to as limits, for each AWS service. Unless otherwise noted, each quota is Region-specific. You can request increases for some quotas, but not for all quotas.

To view the quotas for AWS FIS, open the Service Quotas console. In the navigation pane, choose AWS services and select AWS Fault Injection Simulator.

To request a quota increase, see Requesting a quota increase in the Service Quotas User Guide.

Your AWS account has the following quotas related to AWS FIS.

Name Default Adjustable
Action duration 12 hours No
Actions per experiment template 20 No
Active experiments 5 No
Completed experiment data retention 120 days No
Experiment duration 12 hours No
Experiment templates 500 No
Parallel actions per experiment 10 No
Resources per experiment target 5 No
Stop conditions per experiment template 5 No