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The following table describes the documentation for this release of Amazon Pinpoint.

  • Latest documentation update: November 15, 2018

Change Description Date
Voice channel

You can use the new Amazon Pinpoint voice channel to create voice messages and deliver them to your customers over the phone. Currently, you can only send voice messages by using the Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice API.

November 15, 2018
EU (Ireland) Availability Amazon Pinpoint is now available in the EU (Ireland) AWS Region. October 25, 2018
Events API Use the Amazon Pinpoint API to record events and associate them with endpoints. August 7, 2018
Code examples for defining and looking up endpoints Code examples are added that show you how to define, update, delete, and look up endpoints. Examples are provided for the AWS CLI, AWS SDK for Java, and the Amazon Pinpoint API. For more information, see Defining Your Audience to Amazon Pinpoint and Accessing Audience Data in Amazon Pinpoint. August 7, 2018
Endpoint export permissions Configure an IAM policy that allows you to export Amazon Pinpoint endpoints to an Amazon S3 bucket. May 1, 2018
Updated topics for Amazon Pinpoint integration Integrate Amazon Pinpoint with your Android, iOS, or JavaScript application by using AWS SDKs or libraries. March 23, 2018
AWS CloudTrail logging Added information about logging Amazon Pinpoint API calls with CloudTrail. February 6, 2018
Updated service limits Updated Limits in Amazon Pinpoint with additional information about email limits. January 19, 2018
Public beta for Amazon Pinpoint extensions Use AWS Lambda functions to customize segments or create custom messaging channels. November 28, 2017
External ID removed from IAM trust policies The external ID key is removed from the example trust policy and example Java code for importing segments. October 26, 2017
Push notification payload limits The limits include payload sizes for mobile push messages. October 25, 2017
Updated service limits Added SMS and email channel information to Limits in Amazon Pinpoint. October 9, 2017
ADM and Baidu mobile push Update your app code to handle push notifications from the Baidu and ADM mobile push channels. September 27, 2017
User IDs and authentication events with Amazon Cognito user pools. If you use Amazon Cognito user pools to manage user sign-in in your mobile apps, Amazon Cognito assigns user IDs to endpoints, and it reports authentication events to Amazon Pinpoint. September 26, 2017
User IDs Assign user IDs to endpoints to monitor app usage from individual users. Examples are provided for the AWS Mobile SDKs and SDK for Java. August 31, 2017
Authentication events Report authentication events to learn how frequently users authenticate with your app. Examples are provided in Reporting Events in Your Application. August 31, 2017
Updated sample events The example events include events that Amazon Pinpoint streams for email and SMS activity. June 08, 2017
Android session management Manage sessions in Android apps by using a class provided by the AWS Mobile Hub sample app. April 20, 2017
Updated monetization event samples The sample code is updated for reporting monetization events. . March 31, 2017
Event streams You can configure Amazon Pinpoint to send your app and campaign events to an Kinesis stream. March 24, 2017
Permissions See Permissions for information about granting access to Amazon Pinpoint for AWS users in your account and users of your mobile app. January 12, 2017
Amazon Pinpoint general availability This release introduces Amazon Pinpoint. December 1, 2016