Step 4: Copy your object to a folder - Amazon Simple Storage Service

Step 4: Copy your object to a folder

You've already added an object to a bucket and downloaded the object. Now, you create a folder and copy the object and paste it into the folder.


For more information about using the Amazon S3 Express One Zone storage class with directory buckets, see What is S3 Express One Zone? and Directory buckets.

To copy an object to a folder
  1. In the Buckets list, choose your bucket name.

  2. Choose Create folder and configure a new folder:

    1. Enter a folder name (for example, favorite-pics).

    2. For the folder encryption setting, choose Disable.

    3. Choose Save.

  3. Navigate to the Amazon S3 bucket or folder that contains the objects that you want to copy.

  4. Select the check box to the left of the names of the objects that you want to copy.

  5. Choose Actions and choose Copy from the list of options that appears.

    Alternatively, choose Copy from the options in the upper right.

  6. Choose the destination folder:

    1. Choose Browse S3.

    2. Choose the option button to the left of the folder name.

      To navigate into a folder and choose a subfolder as your destination, choose the folder name.

    3. Choose Choose destination.

    The path to your destination folder appears in the Destination box. In Destination, you can alternately enter your destination path, for example, s3://bucket-name/folder-name/.

  7. In the bottom right, choose Copy.

    Amazon S3 copies your objects to the destination folder.

Next step

To delete an object and a bucket in Amazon S3, see Step 5: Delete your objects and bucket.