IAM Access Analyzer のポリシー生成サービス - AWS Identity and Access Management

IAM Access Analyzer のポリシー生成サービス

次の表は、IAM Access Analyzer がアクションレベル情報を含むポリシーを生成する AWS サービスを一覧で示しています。各サービスのアクションのリストについては、「サービス認証リファレンス」の「AWS サービスのアクション、リソース、条件キー」を参照してください。

サービス サービスプレフィックス
AWS Identity and Access Management Access Analyzer access-analyzer
AWS Account Management アカウント
AWS Certificate Manager acm
Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow airflow
AWS Amplify amplify
AWS Amplify UI Builder amplifyuibuilder
Amazon アプリインテグレーション app-integrations
AWS AppConfig appconfig
Amazon AppFlow appflow
AWS Application Cost Profiler application-cost-profiler
Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights applicationinsights
AWS App Mesh appmesh
Amazon AppStream 2.0 appstream
AWS AppSync appsync
Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus aps
Amazon Athena athena
AWS Audit Manager auditmanager
AWS Auto Scaling オートスケーリング
AWS Marketplace aws-marketplace
AWS Backup バックアップ
AWS Batch バッチ
Amazon Braket braket
AWS Budgets 予算
AWS Cloud9 cloud9
AWS CloudFormation cloudformation
Amazon CloudFront cloudfront
AWS CloudHSM cloudhsm
Amazon CloudSearch cloudsearch
AWS CloudTrail CloudTrail
Amazon CloudWatch cloudwatch
AWS CodeArtifact codeartifact
AWS CodeDeploy codedeploy
Amazon CodeGuru Profiler codeguru-profiler
Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer codeguru-reviewer
AWS CodePipeline codepipeline
AWS CodeStar codestar
AWS CodeStar 通知 codestar-notifications
Amazon Cognito ID cognito-identity
Amazon Cognito ユーザープール cognito-idp
Amazon Cognito Sync cognito-sync
Amazon Comprehend Medical comprehendmedical
AWS Compute Optimizer compute-optimizer
AWS Config config
Amazon Connect 接続
AWS Cost and Usage Report cur
AWS Glue DataBrew databrew
AWS Data Exchange dataexchange
AWS Data Pipeline datapipeline
DynamoDB Accelerator dax
AWS Device Farm devicefarm
Amazon DevOps Guru devops-guru
AWS Direct Connect directconnect
Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager dlm
AWS Database Migration Service dms
Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters docdb-elastic
AWS Directory Service ds
Amazon DynamoDB dynamodb
Amazon Elastic Block Store ebs
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Ec2
Amazon Elastic Container Registry ecr
Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public ecr-public
Amazon Elastic Container Service Ecs
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service eks
Amazon Elastic Inference elastic-inference
Amazon ElastiCache elasticache
AWS Elastic Beanstalk elasticbeanstalk
Amazon Elastic File System elasticfilesystem
Elastic Load Balancing elasticloadbalancing
Amazon Elastic Transcoder elastictranscoder
Amazon EMR on EKS (EMR コンテナ) emr-containers
Amazon EMR Serverless emr-serverless
Amazon OpenSearch Service es
Amazon EventBridge events
Amazon CloudWatch Evidently evidently
Amazon FinSpace finspace
Amazon Data Firehose firehose
AWS Fault Injection Service fis
AWS Firewall Manager fms
Amazon Fraud Detector frauddetector
Amazon FSx fsx
Amazon GameLift gamelift
Amazon Location Service geo
Amazon S3 Glacier glacier
Amazon Managed Grafana grafana
AWS IoT Greengrass greengrass
AWS Ground Station groundstation
Amazon GuardDuty guardduty
AWS HealthLake healthlake
Amazon Honeycode honeycode
AWS Identity and Access Management iam
AWS Identity Store identitystore
EC2 Image Builder imagebuilder
Amazon Inspector Classic inspector
Amazon Inspector inspector2
AWS IoT iot
AWS IoT Analytics iotanalytics
AWS IoT Core Device Advisor iotdeviceadvisor
AWS IoT Events iotevents
AWS IoT Fleet Hub iotfleethub
AWS IoT SiteWise iotsitewise
AWS IoT TwinMaker iottwinmaker
AWS IoT Wireless iotwireless
Amazon Interactive Video Service ivs
Amazon Interactive Video Service Chat ivschat
Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka kafka
Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka Connect kafkaconnect
Amazon Kendra kendra
Amazon Kinesis kinesis
Amazon Kinesis Analytics V2 kinesisanalytics
AWS Key Management Service kms
AWS Lambda lambda
Amazon Lex lex
AWS License Manager Linux サブスクリプションマネージャー license-manager-linux-subscriptions
Amazon Lightsail lightsail
Amazon CloudWatch Logs ログ
Amazon Lookout for Equipment lookoutequipment
Amazon Lookout for Metrics lookoutmetrics
Amazon Lookout for Vision lookoutvision
AWS Mainframe Modernization m2
Amazon Managed Blockchain managedblockchain
AWS Elemental MediaConnect mediaconnect
AWS Elemental MediaConvert mediaconvert
AWS Elemental MediaLive medialive
AWS Elemental MediaStore mediastore
AWS Elemental MediaTailor mediatailor
Amazon MemoryDB for Redis memorydb
AWS Application Migration Service mgn
AWS Migration Hub mgh
AWS Migration Hub 戦略レコメンデーション migrationhub-strategy
Amazon Pinpoint mobiletargeting
Amazon MQ mq
AWS Network Manager networkmanager
Amazon Nimble Studio nimble
AWS HealthOmics omics
AWS OpsWorks opsworks
AWS OpsWorks CM opsworks-cm
AWS Outposts outposts
AWS Organizations 組織
AWS Panorama panorama
AWS Performance Insights pi
Amazon EventBridge パイプ pipes
Amazon Polly polly
Amazon Connect Customer Profiles profile
Amazon QLDB qldb
AWS Resource Access Manager ram
AWS ごみ箱 rbin
Amazon Relational Database Service rds
Amazon Redshift redshift
Amazon Redshift Data API redshift-data
AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces refactor-spaces
Amazon Rekognition rekognition
AWS Resilience Hub resiliencehub
AWS Resource Explorer resource-explorer-2
AWS Resource Groups resource-groups
AWS RoboMaker robomaker
AWS Identity and Access Management Roles Anywhere rolesanywhere
Amazon Route 53 route53
Amazon Route 53 Recovery コントロール route53-recovery-control-config
Amazon Route 53 Recovery 準備状況 route53-recovery-readiness
Amazon Route 53 Resolver route53resolver
AWS CloudWatch RUM rum
Amazon Simple Storage Service s3
Amazon S3 on Outposts s3-outposts
Amazon SageMaker 地理空間機能 sagemaker-geospatial
Savings Plans savingsplans
Amazon EventBridge スキーマ schemas
Amazon SimpleDB sdb
AWS Secrets Manager secretsmanager
AWS Security Hub securityhub
Amazon Security Lake securitylake
AWS Serverless Application Repository serverlessrepo
AWS Service Catalog servicecatalog
AWS Cloud Map servicediscovery
Service Quotas servicequotas
Amazon Simple Email Service ses
AWS Shield shield
AWS Signer signer
AWS SimSpace Weaver simspaceweaver
AWS Server Migration Service sms
Amazon Pinpoint SMS および音声サービス sms-voice
AWS Snowball snowball
Amazon Simple Queue Service sqs
AWS Systems Manager ssm
AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager ssm-incidents
AWS Systems Manager for SAP ssm-sap
AWS Step Functions states
AWS Security Token Service sts
Amazon Simple Workflow Service swf
Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics synthetics
AWS Resource Groups Tagging API タグ
Amazon Textract textract
Amazon Timestream timestream
AWS 通信ネットワークビルダー tnb
Amazon Transcribe transcribe
AWS Transfer Family 移管
Amazon Translate translate
Amazon Connect Voice ID voiceid
Amazon VPC Lattice vpc-lattice
AWS WAFV2 wafv2
AWS Well-Architected Tool wellarchitected
Amazon Connect Wisdom wisdom
Amazon WorkLink worklink
Amazon WorkSpaces ワークスペース
AWS X-Ray xray