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User Guide

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Amazon GameLift is a managed service for developers who need a scalable, dedicated server solution for their multiplayer games. Use Amazon GameLift for these tasks: (1) set up computing resources and deploy your game servers, (2) run game sessions and get players into games, (3) automatically scale your resources to meet player demand and manage costs, and (4) track in-depth metrics on game server performance and player usage.

When setting up hosting resources, you can deploy your custom game server or use the Amazon GameLift Realtime Servers. Realtime Servers gives you the ability to quickly stand up lightweight, efficient game servers with the core Amazon GameLift infrastructure already built in.

Get Amazon GameLift Tools and Resources

This reference guide describes the low-level service API for Amazon GameLift and provides links to language-specific SDK reference topics. See also Amazon GameLift Tools and Resources .

API Summary

The Amazon GameLift service API includes two key sets of actions:

  • Manage game sessions and player access -- Integrate this functionality into game client services in order to create new game sessions, retrieve information on existing game sessions; reserve a player slot in a game session, request matchmaking, etc.
  • Configure and manage game server resources -- Manage your Amazon GameLift hosting resources, including builds, scripts, fleets, queues, and aliases. Set up matchmakers, configure auto-scaling, retrieve game logs, and get hosting and game metrics.

Available Commands