How to use Lex session attributes - Amazon Connect

How to use Lex session attributes

When a customer starts a conversation with your bot, Amazon Lex creates a session. With session attributes, also known as Lex attributes, you can pass information between the bot and Amazon Connect during the session. For a list of Amazon Lex attributes you can use, see Amazon Lex contact attributes.

Life cycle of session attributes

There's one set of session attributes per conversation. In cases where a Lambda is invoked to do some processing, following is the order of precedence:

  • Service defaults: these attributes are only used if no attributes are defined.

  • Session attributes provided by Amazon Connect: these attributes are defined in the Get customer input block.

  • Session attributes provided by Lambda override everything prior: When a Lambda function is invoked and it does some processing, it overrides any session attributes set in the Get customer input block.

Let's say a customer utters that they want a car. That's the first session attribute to go through processing. When asked what kind of car, they say luxury car, this second utterance overrides any Lambda processing that took place on the first utterance.

For an example of how to create a Lambda function that processes session attributes, see Step 1: Create a Lambda Function in the Amazon Lex Developer Guide.

For the structure of the event data that Amazon Lex provides to a Lambda function, see Lambda Function Input Event and Response Format in the Amazon Lex Developer Guide.

Flow blocks that support Lex session attributes

You can use Lex session attributes in the following blocks when a Lex bot is called:

  • Get customer input

  • Set contact attributes

  • Set hold flow

  • Set working queue

  • Set customer queue flow

  • Set disconnect flow

  • Set logging behavior

  • Set callback number

  • Set whisper flow

  • Change routing priority/age

  • Check contact attributes

  • Loop

  • Wait

  • Invoke AWS Lambda function

  • Transfer to phone number

  • Transfer to flow

More information

For more information about using Amazon Lex session attributes, see Managing Conversation Context in the Amazon Lex Developer Guide.