Setting up the AWS SDKs - Amazon Kendra

Setting up the AWS SDKs

Download and install the AWS SDKs that you want to use. This guide provides examples for Python. For information about other AWS SDKs, see Tools for Amazon Web Services.

The package for the Python SDK is called Boto3.

Before you run the below Python commands, you must first download and install Python 3.6 or later for your operating system. Support for Python 3.5 and earlier is deprecated. If you do not have pip included in your Python Scripts directory, you can download and store this in your Scripts directory. You can also set your Python directory as a Path or environment variable using a terminal program.

# Install the latest Boto3 release via pip pip install boto3 # You can install a specific version of Boto3 for compatibility reasons # Install Boto3 version 1.0 specifically pip install boto3==1.0.0 # Make sure Boto3 is no older than version 1.15.0 pip install boto3>=1.15.0 # Avoid versions of Boto3 newer than version 1.15.3 pip install boto3<=1.15.3

To use Boto3, you must set up authentication credentials for your AWS account using the IAM console.