AWS Well-Architected Tool
User Guide

Workloads Page

The Workloads page, available from the left navigation, provides information about all of your defined workloads.

                Picture showing using the workloads page.

The following information is displayed for each workload:


The name of the workload.

Overall status

An indication of whether all questions have been answered.

High risks

The number of high risk items identified.

Medium risks

The number of medium risk items identified.

Improvement status

The improvement status that you have set for the workload:

  • None

  • Not Started

  • In Progress

  • Complete

  • Risk Acknowledged

Last updated

Date and time that the workload was last updated.

After you choose a workload from the list, you can:

  • Choose Generate report to create a workload report. This report contains the responses to the workload review questions, your notes, and the current number of high and medium risks identified in the workload.

  • Choose View details to review the details of the workload.

  • Choose Edit to change the properties of the workload.

  • Choose Delete to delete the workload and all of its milestones.


    Deleting a workload cannot be undone. All data associated with the workload is deleted.

Choose Define workload to define a new workload.