AWS::Signer Construct Library

AWS Signer is a fully managed code-signing service to ensure the trust and integrity of your code. Organizations validate code against a digital signature to confirm that the code is unaltered and from a trusted publisher. For more information, see What Is AWS Signer?

Table of Contents

Signing Platform

A signing platform is a predefined set of instructions that specifies the signature format and signing algorithms that AWS Signer should use to sign a zip file. For more information go to Signing Platforms in AWS Signer.

AWS Signer provides a pre-defined set of signing platforms. They are available in the CDK as -


Signing Profile

A signing profile is a code-signing template that can be used to pre-define the signature specifications for a signing job. A signing profile includes a signing platform to designate the file type to be signed, the signature format, and the signature algorithms. For more information, visit Signing Profiles in AWS Signer.

The following code sets up a signing profile for signing lambda code bundles -

signing_profile = signer.SigningProfile(self, "SigningProfile",

A signing profile is valid by default for 135 months. This can be modified by specifying the signatureValidityPeriod property.