Amazon Rekognition
Developer Guide

Detecting Labels in an Image

You can use the DetectLabels operation to detect labels in an image. For an example, see Analyzing Images Stored in an Amazon S3 Bucket.

DetectLabels Operation Request

The input to DetectLabel is an image. In this example JSON input, the source image is loaded from an Amazon S3 Bucket. MaxLabels is the maximum number of labels to return in the response. MinConfidence is the minimum confidence that Amazon Rekognition Image must have in the accuracy of the detected label for it to be returned in the response.

{ "Image": { "S3Object": { "Bucket": "bucket", "Name": "input.jpg" } }, "MaxLabels": 10, "MinConfidence": 75 }

DetectLabels Response

The reponse from DetectLabels is an array of labels detected in the image and the level of confidence by which they were detected.

The following is an example response from DetectLabels.

{ "Labels": [ { "Confidence": 98.4629, "Name": "beacon" }, { "Confidence": 98.4629, "Name": "building" }, { "Confidence": 98.4629, "Name": "lighthouse" }, { "Confidence": 87.7924, "Name": "rock" }, { "Confidence": 68.1049, "Name": "sea" } ] }

The response shows that the operation detected five labels (that is, beacon, building, lighthouse, rock, and sea). Each label has an associated level of confidence. For example, the detection algorithm is 98.4629% confident that the image contains a building.

If the input image you provide contains a person, the DetectLabels operation detects labels such as person, clothing, suit, and selfie, as shown in the following example response:

{ "Labels": [ { "Confidence": 99.2786, "Name": "person" }, { "Confidence": 90.6659, "Name": "clothing" }, { "Confidence": 90.6659, "Name": "suit" }, { "Confidence": 70.0364, "Name": "selfie" } ] }


If you want facial features describing the faces in an image, use the DetectFaces operation instead.