Run your first quantum algorithms - Amazon Braket

Learn the foundations of quantum computing with AWS! Enroll in the Amazon Braket Digital Learning Plan and earn your own Digital badge after completing a series of learning courses and a digital assessment.

Run your first quantum algorithms

The Amazon Braket algorithm library is a catalog of pre-built quantum algorithms written in Python. You can run these algorithms as they are or use them as a starting point to build more complex algorithms. You can access the algorithm library from the Braket console. You can also access the Braket algorithm library on Github:

            Algorithm Library

The Braket console provides a description of each available algorithm in the algorithm library. Choose a GitHub link to see the details of each algorithm, or choose Open notebook to open or create a notebook that contains all of the available algorithms. If you choose the notebook option, you can then find the Braket algorithm library in the root folder of your notebook.