Amazon Braket Regions and endpoints - Amazon Braket

Amazon Braket Regions and endpoints

Amazon Braket is available in the following AWS Regions:

Region availability of Amazon Braket
Region Name Region Braket Endpoint QPU

US East (N. Virginia)



US West (N. California)



US West (Oregon)



EU West 2 (London)



You can run Amazon Braket from any Region in which it is available, but each QPU is available only in a single Region. Tasks that run on a QPU device can be viewed in the Amazon Braket console, in the Region of that device. If you are using the Amazon Braket SDK, you can submit tasks to any QPU device, regardless of the Region in which you are working. The SDK automatically creates a session to the Region for the QPU specified, as shown in the following image.

The Amazon Braket SDK automatically routes device requests to the correct region

         sdk region

For general information about how AWS works with Regions and endpoints, see AWS service endpoints in the AWS General Reference.