class aws_cdk.core.Aws(*args: Any, **kwargs)

Bases: object

Accessor for pseudo parameters.

Since pseudo parameters need to be anchored to a stack somewhere in the construct tree, this class takes an scope parameter; the pseudo parameter values can be obtained as properties from an scoped object.


ACCOUNT_ID = '${Token[AWS.AccountId.9]}'
NOTIFICATION_ARNS = ['#{Token[AWS::NotificationARNs.11]}']
NO_VALUE = '${Token[AWS.NoValue.16]}'
PARTITION = '${Token[AWS.Partition.12]}'
REGION = '${Token[AWS.Region.13]}'
STACK_ID = '${Token[AWS.StackId.14]}'
STACK_NAME = '${Token[AWS.StackName.15]}'
URL_SUFFIX = '${Token[AWS.URLSuffix.10]}'