class aws_cdk.core.ILocalBundling(*args, **kwds)

Bases: Protocol

Local bundling.


try_bundle(output_dir, *, image, command=None, entrypoint=None, environment=None, local=None, output_type=None, security_opt=None, user=None, volumes=None, working_directory=None)

This method is called before attempting docker bundling to allow the bundler to be executed locally.

If the local bundler exists, and bundling was performed locally, return true. Otherwise, return false.

  • output_dir (str) – the directory where the bundled asset should be output.

  • image (DockerImage) – The Docker image where the command will run.

  • command (Optional[Sequence[str]]) – The command to run in the Docker container. Example value: ['npm', 'install'] Default: - run the command defined in the image

  • entrypoint (Optional[Sequence[str]]) – The entrypoint to run in the Docker container. Example value: ['/bin/sh', '-c'] Default: - run the entrypoint defined in the image

  • environment (Optional[Mapping[str, str]]) – The environment variables to pass to the Docker container. Default: - no environment variables.

  • local (Optional[ILocalBundling]) – Local bundling provider. The provider implements a method tryBundle() which should return true if local bundling was performed. If false is returned, docker bundling will be done. Default: - bundling will only be performed in a Docker container

  • output_type (Optional[BundlingOutput]) – The type of output that this bundling operation is producing. Default: BundlingOutput.AUTO_DISCOVER

  • security_opt (Optional[str]) – Security configuration when running the docker container. Default: - no security options

  • user (Optional[str]) – The user to use when running the Docker container. user | user:group | uid | uid:gid | user:gid | uid:group Default: - uid:gid of the current user or 1000:1000 on Windows

  • volumes (Optional[Sequence[Union[DockerVolume, Dict[str, Any]]]]) – Additional Docker volumes to mount. Default: - no additional volumes are mounted

  • working_directory (Optional[str]) – Working directory inside the Docker container. Default: /asset-input

Return type: