Configuring Your Agent for Multiple NICs - AWS DataSync

Configuring Your Agent for Multiple NICs

If you configure your agent to use multiple network adapters (NICs), it can be accessed by more than one IP address. You might want to do this in the following situations:

  • Maximizing throughput – You might want to maximize throughput to an agent when network adapters are a bottleneck.

  • Network isolation – Your NFS or SMB server might reside on a virtual LAN (VLAN) that lacks internet connectivity for security reasons.

In a typical multiple-adapter use case, one adapter is configured as the route by which the agent communicates with AWS (that is, as the default agent). Except for this one adapter, NFS or SMB locations must be in the same subnet as the adapter that connects to them. Otherwise, communication with the intended NFS or SMB locations might not be possible. In some cases, you might configure an NFS or SMB location on the same adapter that is used for communication with AWS. In these cases, NFS or SMB traffic for that server and AWS traffic flows through the same adapter.

In some cases, you might configure one adapter to connect to the DataSync console and then add a second adapter. In such a case, DataSync automatically configures the route table to use the second adapter as the preferred route.