List connections - Developer Tools console

List connections

You can use the Developer Tools console or the list-connections command in the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to view a list of connections in your account.

List connections (console)

To list connections
  1. Open the Developer Tools console at

  2. Choose Settings > Connections.

  3. View the name, status, and ARN for your connections.

List connections (CLI)

You can use the AWS CLI to list your connections to third-party code repositories. For a connection associated to a host resource, such as connections to GitHub Enteprise Server, the output additionally returns the host ARN.

To do this, use the list-connections command.

To list connections
  • Open a terminal (Linux, macOS, or Unix) or command prompt (Windows), and use the AWS CLI to run the list-connections command.

    aws codeconnections list-connections --provider-type Bitbucket --max-results 5 --next-token: next-token

    This command returns the following output.

    { "Connections": [ { "ConnectionName": "my-connection", "ProviderType": "Bitbucket", "Status": "PENDING", "ARN": "arn:aws:codeconnections:us-west-2:account_id:connection/aEXAMPLE-8aad-4d5d-8878-dfcab0bc441f", "OwnerAccountId": "account_id" }, { "ConnectionName": "my-other-connection", "ProviderType": "Bitbucket", "Status": "AVAILABLE", "ARN": "arn:aws:codeconnections:us-west-2:account_id:connection/aEXAMPLE-8aad-4d5d-8878-dfcab0bc441f", "OwnerAccountId": "account_id" }, ], "NextToken": "next-token" }