Important notes - AWS Serverless Application Model

Important notes

This section contains important notes and known issues for AWS Serverless Application Model.

Installing AWS SAM CLI on 32-bit Windows

Support for AWS SAM CLI on 32-bit Windows will soon be deprecated. If you operate on a 32-bit system, we recommend that you upgrade to a 64-bit system and follow the instructions found in Installing the AWS SAM CLI on Windows.

If you cannot upgrade to a 64-bit system, you can use the Legacy Docker Toolbox with AWS SAM CLI on a 32-bit system. However, this will cause you to encounter certain limitations with the AWS SAM CLI. For example, you cannot run 64-bit Docker containers on a 32-bit system. So, if your Lambda function depends on a 64-bit natively compiled container, you will not be able to test it locally on a 32-bit system.

To install AWS SAM CLI on a 32-bit system, execute the following command:

pip install aws-sam-cli

Although the pip install aws-sam-cli command also works on 64-bit Windows, we recommend that you use the 64-bit MSI to install AWS SAM CLI on 64-bit systems.