Generating insights from calls using call analytics - Amazon Chime SDK

Generating insights from calls using call analytics

The topics in this section explain how to use Amazon Chime SDK call analytics to generate insights from your call data.

Amazon Chime SDK call analytics gives developers low-code solutions for generating cost-effective insights from real-time audio, including audio ingestion, analysis, alerting, and data lake integration. Call analytics enables you to generate insights through integration with Amazon Transcribe and Transcribe Call Analytics (TCA), and natively through Amazon Chime SDK voice analytics. Call analytics can also record calls to your Amazon S3 Bucket.

You can use the following methods to configure and run call analytics.

  • Use the Amazon Chime SDK console to create a call analytics configuration and associate it with an Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connector. During that process, you can enable call recording and analytics. You don't need to write code to complete the process.

  • Use a set of Amazon Chime SDK APIs Amazon Chime SDK APIs to programmatically create and run a configuration.

For more information, refer to Creating call analytics configurations and Using call analytics configurations, later in this section.